Use where to filer object list

using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text;

public class MainClass { public static void Main() { List<Product> products = GetProductList();

var soldOutProducts = from p in products where p.UnitsInStock == 0 select p;

Console.WriteLine(“Sold out products:”); foreach (var product in soldOutProducts) { Console.WriteLine(“{0} is sold out!”, product.ProductName); } }

static List<Product> […]

하둡(Hadoop) 설치하기 – Pseudo-Distributed

분산 파일 시스템 하둡 (

설치를 해보자. CentOS 기준. 현재 안정버전은 1.0.3이고, 2.0.0이 알파버전으로 나온 상태

설치에는 Single Node Setup 와 Cluster Setup 이 있다

Single Node Setup : 서버 한대에..

Cluster Setup : 여러 서버에 분산 설치..

Single Node Setup 은 다시 두가지로 나눠질 수 있는데 1. Standalone Operation : 데몬없이 […]

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Java Model-View-Controller (MVC)

Model-View-Controller (MVC) Structure

Previous – Presentation-Model

Here the same calculator is organized according the the Model-View-Controller (MVC)pattern. The idea is to separate the user interface (the Presentation in the previous example) into a View (creates the display, calling the Model as necessary to get information), and Controller (responds to user requests, interacting with both […]

JSP 디비 컨넥트