smtp 500 Line Too Long

Reporting-MTA: dns; Received-From-MTA: dns; Arrival-Date: Fri, 9 May 2014 13:35:20 +0900 Final-Recipient: rfc822; Action: failed Status: 5.5.0 Diagnostic-Code: smtp;500 Line Too Long 위로 같은 에러 로그인 경우 내용이 999자 연속인 경우 메일서버에서 오류 리턴 하는 경우 이므로 smtp asp로 보내는 경우 vbCrLf 캐리지 리턴값(/n/r)을 줄 마다 준다.

webmail 에서 winmail.dat 로 첨부되는 경우

참조 : How to deal with winmail.dat attachments What is this WINMAIL.DAT attachment you get from some people and not others? This is a Microsoft Outlook / Exchange feature. Since Exchange supports rich-text email (bold, italic, multiple fonts, etc.), and Internet email doesn’t, any email sent from Exchange to a non-Exchange mail reader (like …
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