What are Metro style apps?

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In .net 4.5 we have new features such as asynchronous programming , faster asp.net , modern access to your data, webs sockets , Entity framework code first and the main new feature in .net 4.5 is metro style apps.
metro style apps ? metro style apps ? metro style apps ?
All the .net developers are new to the word metro style apps. Lets see what are metro style apps ?
Now microsoft is saying like “windows reimagined” or “apps reimagined” . windows reimagined in the sense , windows 8 is completely changed when compare to the prevoius releases. Apps reimagined in the sense aplpication in windows are completely changed. The this newly changed windows application are called as metro style apps. Metro style apps are targetted for the new windows 8 OS.

The metro style apps are not like old win32 application. The application is 100 times more fluid than WPF and more attraction than the WPF applications. See the screen shot here

So what’s new in metro style apps?

The full focal point of the user is on the content. There won’t be any diversion in the focus of the user. The top left of the screen to the bottom right corner of the screen is fully made for the content. Every single pixel is made for user’s content. So the metro style apps are developed for windows 8.

Comfort and touch
Metro style apps supports comfort and touch, the drag and drop are fully multi touching feature. Multi touching? Yes metro style apps are customized to your users’ needs, customized to the device they run on, customized for touch interaction, and customized to the Windows user interface.
It’s a super fluid interface .The touch of the screen are different than the mouse gestures.
We can develop the metro style apps in visual studio 11. Once you choose to select the metro style apps the visual studio 11 will prompt for the template to choose for deigning the metro style apps. In the template the text are aligned very well. The template covers the full screen to design. Built in controls and templates provide the great scaling support in both the HTML and XAML
When we develop the metro style apps .net framework 4.5, we can make use of the animation library and built it controls and set fluid, beautiful consistent animation for free.
The Metro style apps are targeted for both the tablet PCs and also for the desktop PCs.

So here in the metro style apps we don’t have the old yesterday icons. We have the new one it’s called as Tile. Tile is not just an icon, an extension of your apps. Tiles are alive.

Roam to the cloud

Windows 8 knows you well and remembers you well.
Every apps get per used cloud storage for setting, state and small amount of money of user content.
So using the cloud in metro style apps the user can know the last track listened to the music. Users have the same setting when they roam and etc…

Still lots of features are available in the metro style apps. Please look on the link here to see what is new in metro style apps.

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